Case Study

Improving the operational efficiency of Nonprofits

World Vision Organization works on the well-being and protection of children in vulnerable situations.

 As many nonprofits, World vision had unique operational needs that traditional software applications did not address properly. World Vision did not have an effective way of building and maintaining the trusted and long term relationships that they needed to have with their constituents, including donors, supporters, partners, case managers and beneficiaries. They also, lacked a comprehensive system for fund raising, or a system that would allow them to measure the impact of their program or adequately respond to global events and emergencies. Their system was managed very manually and included a lot of disorganized information.

World Vision


Using the Salesforce nonprofit success package as a basis, Heinsohn was able to implement in a short time, a comprehensive operations system that included functionality for fundraising, communications, case management, sponsors management and relationships management, and was able to integrate it with World Vision’s internal applications and Hubspot for their marketing campaigns. Salesforce Nonprofit cloud platform provided the functionality required to perform the necessary automation and actionable insights. As a Salesforce partner, Heinsohn provided the expertise and knowledge of the Salesforce platform and its understanding and knowledge of the needs of a non-profit organization, to rapidly customize the platform to the specific needs of Word Vision using APEX, Salesforce programming language. Heinsohn also used its experience as a system integrator, to integrate the developed software with existing internal applications


As a result of this implementation World Vision was able to improve its operational efficiency in more than 50%, significantly reduce its costs, increase its fundraising capabilities, have a real time view of its operations, and have a better way to trace and measure the social and economic impact of their programs. The system was in production after only 5 months.