Heinsohn Business Technology

is a leading software development and IT consultancy company with 43+ years of market experience and several branches across the United States, Canada and Latin America. We provide services in a nearshore model, offering offsite and onsite services with the best quality and top talent. 

Our history

We have certified processes with the best market practices and the highest valuation of the industry in CMMI Level 5 software development.

We are a reliable and strategic partner with a team committed to research and development. We bring the technical skills necessary to develop successful projects.  

We have 100% contractual compliance in each development project. 

Solid partnerships with the leaders of global IT management products such as SAP, IBM, TIBCO, Oracle, and Microsoft, among others. 

We are experts in technology solutions and we know how to make projects more productive and efficient in an easy and agile way.  

Long-term relationships with customers through innovative solutions effectively improve their business and achieve objectives. 

We have a team of more than 700 collaborators in Colombia, with 85% dedicated to research and development. More than 400 certified engineers are available in the main disciplines with expertise in methodologies and tools for project development. 


We have been certified nationally and internationally for the quality and service we offer with each of our products.

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