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We’re experts in data architecture and data warehousing solutions, as well as analytics and business intelligence.

BI, Analytics and Big Data

We create solutions to improve the efficiency of your organization, oriented towards the implementation of business intelligence.


Such as real-time reports, data dashboards, migrations, data storage warehouses and big data.

What do we offer?

Data visualization tools, prediction modules, information mapping and localization, and external data collection tools, etc.

Real – time analysis.

auto service for business people.

Business Intelligence

Predictive modules

Maps and localizations

Data collection from external data bases, XLS files, ERPs, social networks, etc.

Case Study

Smart Dashboards help Logistics companies improve their decision-making process.

DHL Global Forwarding is a leading provider of air and ocean freight forwarding services with presence in more than 220 countries and territories. A company of this size is constantly facing different challenges, including how to optimize the efforts and cost of the operations, identify redundant process and visualize the data gathered from multiple sources and systems, using simple yet smart dashboards that can help the organization validate and take actions in a more efficient way.



Heinsohn was able to understand the needs of the customer and work with them in the design and implementation of the enterprise data warehouse for the Americas region. The solution was the result of intensive work focused on:

• Designing the data integration architecture to meet the performance, scalability and availability standards of DHL Global Forwarding.

• Connecting multiple transactional systems in near real time using Microsoft technologies.

• Developing of the analytics and data visualization solution for all the logistic hubs in the Americas region, using multiple reporting tools including TIBCO Spotfire, Microsoft Reporting Services and Qlik Sense.

• Exposing the data to multiple organizational levels using API’s and web portals that consumed the services.


With the enterprise data warehouse DHL Global Forwarding was able to improve their decision-making strategies and understanding of their clients’ needs and patterns as well as their experience. At the same time, they optimized costs and efforts of the operation using near real time visualization and alerts to continue with their position as a worldwide leader on air and ocean freight forwarding services.

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What is being said about us?

Carl Hirschman
Carl Hirschman
CEO AND Founder Caretree
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Heinsohn Business Technology is an effective partner such that they are entrusted with the client’s entire development portfolio. They excel in project management, problem-solving, and communication. Their adaptability is complimented by their proactivity, and they deal with problems swiftly
Fanny Santamaria
Fanny Santamaria
Director and current Social manager of Natalia Ponce de León Foundation
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“We chose Heinsohn for the ease of its platform and for the people who approached us and advised us. The follow-up by the development team was and is permanent to be able to access the platform and manage it in an optimal way”
Guiovanna Rocca
Guiovanna Rocca
Director of Operations and Quality management Juanfe Foundation
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“The information system has contributed to have more organized, consolidated and data control information, facilitating the analysis of the current situation of the beneficiary and the baby as well as their psychosocial, academic and healthcare follow-up”