In the world of information technology, a large number of IT profiles necessary for many specific tasks have appeared, and will continue to appear as the world continues to develop and technology continues to take over many processes. 

IT profiles are those professionals who are in charge of working with information technologies. This area has people with different specialties, are you thinking of working in any of these specialties? Surely it could be an excellent option. 

In this article we will tell you which are the most wanted IT profiles, and some of their characteristics: 


A CTO (chief technology officer) or IT Director, is one of the highest positions within the ecosystem of IT profiles, is an executive in charge of the technological needs of an organization, as well as its research and development. Also known as a technical director, this individual is responsible for examining the short-term and long-term needs of an organization and uses capital to make investments designed to help the organization achieve its goals. 


The CIO (Chief Information Officer) is responsible for the company’s information systems and technologies and is also responsible for identifying and providing the necessary technologies so that the company’s processes work as well as possible. This position is the main link between the company’s strategy and the technologies that should allow it to increase competitiveness and increase business.


Full stack developer

A full stack developer is a hybrid profile between the front end and back end developer. He is an expert with knowledge in web design, programming languages, databases, servers, API’s and version control systems.  

A full-stack developer does not necessarily master all the technologies. However, the professional is expected to work on both the client and server sides and understand what is going on when developing an application.


Cybersecurity specialist

A cybersecurity specialist is responsible for the privacy and data protection of companies and organizations to deal with cyber attacks. Therefore, its main task is to detect security flaws and enable mechanisms to prevent possible attacks on vulnerable points. They must be aware of the protection of information in computer networks, online servers or cloud servers, payment software, mobile devices, among others.


Specialist in AI and Machine Learning

An artificial intelligence specialist is responsible for making operational improvements based on machine learning and developing new processes, objects or services to solve problems or carry out certain functions independently. 

Artificial intelligence can be applied in numerous professional sectors. For this reason, the labor field of these experts is very broad, from areas such as robotics, the automotive industry and telecommunications to medicine, finance and education. 

Dev Ops

A DevOps engineer is responsible for coding, process reengineering for agile systems management, and collaboration with development and operations work teams. Work with IT staff to monitor code releases, with the goal of accelerating the development process.

Cloud architecture and consulting 

A Cloud Architect is responsible for managing and coordinating the cloud computing structure in an organization. This profile arises from the need for companies to start or improve a cloud computing structure. 

The functions of the Cloud Architect encompass everything related to servers, storage platforms, connectivity and software, depending on the chosen cloud model: public, private or hybrid.


App developers 

The mobile application developer is a specialist in charge of designing the user interface of each application that is presented to him. It uses information and communication technologies to capture the content in a way that users can make the most of it.


Software developer 

These experts are in charge of developing the pillars of the operating systems that are created by the Programmers and of testing the code of new programs to guarantee their efficiency.


QA tester 

Also known as a quality assurance officer, product quality analyst, or software quality analyst, this is an expert who ensures the quality of software throughout all of its phases, often before it is released to the public. It is a very recent profile and in growing development.

These professionals are involved in the entire process related to the creation and design of new systems, starting from the initial planning, establishing parameters, design, writing, code, encryption and testing.

As you can see, there are multiple profiles related to information and communication technologies. Additionally, the high demand for these profiles has required companies to outsource their teams or hire professionals from other countries. 

In Colombia, for example, there are more professionals than available positions, this is totally beneficial for organizations as well as for professionals, since companies can fill their vacancies and colombians can access job opportunities in order to acquire international experience. 

It is no secret to anyone that this field will continue to develop, there will be new specializations and professionals will continue to increase. At Heinsohn we can accompany you in this process of increasing your IT team with the best professionals.

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