When people must function in the world of work they begin to be measured by different aspects such as their experience, their knowledge among others, to determine at what seniority levels they have. 

Levels of seniority are those that measure the level of experience and knowledge of a person in their career path. The level of experience is much more defined by skills or abilities that a person acquires as they progress than by the years worked. Self-learning ability, discipline, and work environment greatly influence the rate at which a particular person will become a senior.

Levels of seniority 

There are 3 levels of seniority established and each one has different characteristics: 


How are the seniority levels determined?

Companies choose their collaborators according to their skills as the non-technical aspects, their knowledge and according to the needs of the vacancies they offer. For this reason, the level of seniority is determined by different factors that we will explain below: 

It is worth noting that on many occasions some profiles may have Senior characteristics in one aspect and Junior in another, the final decision lies in having a very clear selection plan for the profiles that the organization is needing.

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