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FSoftware development outsourcing has undoubtedly become a typical practice for most businesses, regardless of the project size or industry. However, outsourcing always requires deciding where your firm will outsource before doing anything. Many companies outsource software development to Colombia despite the wide range of options.

Nearshore software development in Colombia is an attractive nearshoring option, especially for US companies looking to partner with dedicated teams of knowledgeable software developers that meet their requirements. But this is only the beginning.

Advantages of outsourcing software development to Colombia

Colombia is already known as one of Latin America’s leading technology hubs; it would be unfair to view the expansion of the local software development sector as a recent phenomenon. For example, Colombia ranks third in Latin America and thirteenth in the Kearny Global Service Location Index for the availability of people, business environment, and financial attractiveness. Let’s look at the reasons for the country’s growing influence in the global technology sector.

Colombia has economic and political stability

The World Bank ranks the country’s economy third in the region regarding economic stability, behind only Chile and Mexico. Despite the challenges of other growing countries, Colombia has excellent political stability and generally more open legal and regulatory structures.

Because the Colombian economy has been relatively stable over the past two decades, contracting companies can plan costs, currency exchanges, and prices accordingly. Like the American legal system, the Colombian legal and political system is stable and makes it easy to resolve disputes if something goes wrong. It is also comforting to know that the United States and Colombia have a close political relationship with participation in international economic procedures.

Find the best software developer talents in Colombia

With over 150,000 IT professionals nationwide, Colombia has one of the largest talent pools in Latin America for the IT industry. Bogotá, Barranquilla, Cali, and Cartagena are Colombia’s leading software development centers. 

Moreover, 24% of Colombia’s population is under 28, while 31% are middle-aged, between 29 and 49. About 55% population is of working age. Companies can benefit from Software development and IT services in Colombia with relatively low costs compared to onshore operations while providing greater collaboration and control that may be lacking offshore at the expense of near abroad.

Minor Timezone Difference

Given its location on the northwest coast of South America, Colombia is in the same time zone as the entire US East Coast, or GMT-5, with the rest of the continent. With only a few hours difference, software developers in Colombia can easily collaborate with US teams in the worst-case scenario.

This is a significant advantage for companies that prefer to manage collaborative software companies in Colombia that can work on a subject simultaneously and collaboratively rather than distributing and distancing their efforts throughout the day. After all, communication will always be more manageable, productivity will always be higher, and product quality will always be higher.


You can save on office space, supplies, and utilities by outsourcing nearshore software development in Colombia. However, working in comparable time zones is another benefit of hiring remote Hispanic professionals. In the long run, consistent working hours and effective communication can significantly impact a company’s bottom line. You’ll quickly see better business results and higher revenues at no additional cost as software development in-house improves operational efficiency.

Cultural and Language Similarities

Western and Northern corporate practices have heavily influenced business culture in Latin America. It’s precisely the same as in the US, driven by a quick and enthusiastic response to problems. The undoubted advantage of the neighborhood with Colombia is the cultural compatibility of the American continents. 

Communication and understanding will be easier for software companies in Colombia if the outsourcing teams adhere to the same business principles, promoting productive collaboration. Thus, one of the factors that put coastal Colombia at the top of the IT outsourcing destination lists is cultural relativity.

Colombia has the experience and a strong technological development

Young, intelligent, and motivated people specializing in software development and other technical disciplines are becoming increasingly common in Colombia. Compared to all of Latin America, Colombia has the highest concentration of graduates working in technology. Colombia offers many attractive tech spots outside its capital, Bogota, unlike most countries where talent is concentrated in one or two cities.

Software developers are widely available in Colombia, and you can find them in busy cities like Cali, Cartagena, Medellin, and Barranquilla.

Earning a software engineering degree at Columbia can take 5 to 7 years. However, public and private colleges nationwide offer a wide range of shorter degree programs and technology degrees.

Students are trained in Scrum and its associated agile processes through academic programs designed with the latest technologies and programming languages in mind. In addition, to meet domestic and foreign demand, Colombian universities are constantly developing new courses in their curricula in areas such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, etc.

Invest in software development and its services in Colombia

Heinsohn, a software development outsourcing company, is committed to helping you find professionals to support your internal team. Through our expansion and direct employment services, we have been able to help several US technology companies hire Colombian software engineers. In addition, we offer extensive nearshore software development and IT services in Colombia.

For information on close cooperation with South America and other valuable tips for Nearshore software development in Colombia, visit our blog. We partner with a network of software developers in Colombia from various coastal outsourcing centers. All of them have been carefully checked to meet our standards! We can help you find offshore developers in Latin America, including Colombia. To learn more about finding software companies in Colombia, Software development, and IT services in Colombia that meet your programming needs, contact us now!

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