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Modernize and innovate your business and IT, through the native integration of applications with functionalities available in the cloud or connected by microservices.

Cloud native developments and microservices

An effective model to modernize IT and innovate your business.

How do we do it?

Through the native integration of applications with the functionalities available in the cloud


Big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Receive future developments in cloud services

Go from users to digital service providers

Improve efficiency in the ecosystem of partners and customers

Better opportunities in digital business


We also offer software development from a microservices approach. This is an architectural and organizational approach made up of small applications that communicate through well-defined Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). 

Highly maintainable and testable

Can be deployed independently

Can be organized around business capabilities

Can be controlled
by a small team


Case Study

logo de bright insight
Brightinsight Use of IoT technology helps Medtech Company securely connect medical devices to web and mobile applications

Brightinsight is a Biopharma and Medtech company from California that develops medical technical innovative products. Their core is to build, scale and maintain end-to-end digital health products and services, using IoT, cloud and real-time analytics. One of their main challenges is to connect medical devices with web and mobile devices.



Heinsohn partnered with a system integrator and assigned a team of software development engineers and quality assurance experts to connect medical devices with web and mobile devices using IoT technology and following HIPAA procedures. The team participated in multiple projects, developing platforms and mobile apps and connecting medical devices. One of the projects involved the connectinon of an insulin pencil with mobile devices in order to track insulin injection doses for patients with diabetes.


Manual and automatic testing allows for over 100 test executions a day • Achieved savings for both time and money by executing a performance analysis of prototypes in a timely manner • Helped customers product development by giving them better cost efficiencies, performance, and speed to market.

What is being said about us?

Carl Hirschman
Carl Hirschman
CEO AND Founder Caretree
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Heinsohn Business Technology is an effective partner such that they are entrusted with the client’s entire development portfolio. They excel in project management, problem-solving, and communication. Their adaptability is complimented by their proactivity, and they deal with problems swiftly
Fanny Santamaria
Fanny Santamaria
Director and current Social manager of Natalia Ponce de León Foundation
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“We chose Heinsohn for the ease of its platform and for the people who approached us and advised us. The follow-up by the development team was and is permanent to be able to access the platform and manage it in an optimal way”
Guiovanna Rocca
Guiovanna Rocca
Director of Operations and Quality management Juanfe Foundation
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“The information system has contributed to have more organized, consolidated and data control information, facilitating the analysis of the current situation of the beneficiary and the baby as well as their psychosocial, academic and healthcare follow-up”