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The highest quality custom software development for your company.

Custom software development

We turn your concepts and specifications into business that meets the highest quality and security standards. From the prototype to the finished product, Heinsohn is fully responsible for the development and management of the entire project.

Our software development is robust, flexible, portable to different platforms, and able to interact with 3rd party products. 

Micro Services Architecture


High Availability

Integrated Security

Standard based integration

SaaS /IaaS / PaaS / On- Premise

Case Study

Similar to US DMV / nation wide,

 It’s objective is to control and manage all transactions and transportation information in Colombia. RUNT system is one of the most ambitious IT Systems in Colombia. It’s a nation-wide centralized database containing information on vehicles, drivers, insurance, traffic ofenses, traffic accidents and public transport companies, among others 



Design and Development of the software architecture. IT integrates about 900 government entities, supports over 5000+ concurrent users and is deployed with the highest security standards (biometrics, real-time auditing, high encryption standards, digital signature, 3 tier authentication, etc.). Production duration: The system has been in production for over 9 years.


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What is being said about us?

Carl Hirschman
Carl Hirschman
CEO AND Founder Caretree
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Heinsohn Business Technology is an effective partner such that they are entrusted with the client’s entire development portfolio. They excel in project management, problem-solving, and communication. Their adaptability is complimented by their proactivity, and they deal with problems swiftly
Fanny Santamaria
Fanny Santamaria
Director and current Social manager of Natalia Ponce de León Foundation
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“We chose Heinsohn for the ease of its platform and for the people who approached us and advised us. The follow-up by the development team was and is permanent to be able to access the platform and manage it in an optimal way”
Guiovanna Rocca
Guiovanna Rocca
Director of Operations and Quality management Juanfe Foundation
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“The information system has contributed to have more organized, consolidated and data control information, facilitating the analysis of the current situation of the beneficiary and the baby as well as their psychosocial, academic and healthcare follow-up”