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We provide nearshore IT software services with top talent that provides high quality deliverables.

Having the right-sized team is critical to any successful IT project and, sometimes it’s necessary to add new members who are just right for the job.  


Easy Scalable Up and Down 

Technical/Admin Management 

Integrated security Cost savings 

Expertise in business model 

Our talent works in Canadian time zone which maintains efficiency and the ability to apply agile methodologies. Our team can be part of your local team, attending your regular meetings, and reporting directly to your managers, proving substantial competitive advantage for your business.

Our IT staffing services are available for every type of project. From simple to complex: from prototyping to full-scale development of web, or mobile applications, testing, and architecture. 

Case Study

A more efficient cloud platform and mobile app to support healthcare services

Caretree provides a healthcare platform that centralizes and manages information about people who need exceptional care, focusing on elderly people. This information is shared with caregivers, families, and healthcare entities, such as hospitals, nursing homes and other long-term facilities. To build the platform, Caretree looked for a partner that could provide fast implementation and high-quality software development. They contracted two different partners to do the job, but neither of them was able to provide the quality or functionality that Caretree was looking for. Three years after starting the platform development, they finally found the right partner. Heinsohn brought aboard a high-performance and experienced engineering team that was able to promptly improve the platform and bring it to its current status having more than 5,000 active users.



Heinsohn improved and updated the software application and developed a web and mobile platform that connects and collects data and tracks the information of the patients that are registered in the platform.

The platform provides all the information that families want to track about their loved ones such as medicine management, medical appointments, controls, events, lab results, etc. It also includes an emergency calendar that allows patients to schedule appointments with their doctors and families to track these appointments.

Caretree is also equipped to send email and text message notifications. The platform allows care companies to coordinate the work of their caregivers and the tasks assigned to each patient. In addition to keeping track of the care team tasks, everything follows HIPAA compliance.

The platform also provides analytics and monitoring functionality, as well as system integration with external systems, including QuickBooks and Mailchimp.

Some of the principal activities were:
• Design the solution architecture.
• Implementation and deployment in on-premise and cloud infrastructure (AWS).
• Development of new features for web and mobile app
• Bug support


Refactored architecture which provides an update of the system.

30% Reduction in infrastructure costs thanks to AWS implementation.

• Supports 5,500 active users.

• Database migration of 12 GB records

85% performance improvement in critical cases in 1 month.

• Supports more than 1 million case notes.


More success stories

What do they say about us?

Carl Hirschman
Carl Hirschman
CEO AND Founder Caretree
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Heinsohn Business Technology is an effective partner such that they are entrusted with the client’s entire development portfolio. They excel in project management, problem-solving, and communication. Their adaptability is complimented by their proactivity, and they deal with problems swiftly
Fanny Santamaria
Fanny Santamaria
Director and current Social manager of Natalia Ponce de León Foundation
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“We chose Heinsohn for the ease of its platform and for the people who approached us and advised us. The follow-up by the development team was and is permanent to be able to access the platform and manage it in an optimal way”
Guiovanna Rocca
Guiovanna Rocca
Director of Operations and Quality management Juanfe Foundation
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“The information system has contributed to have more organized, consolidated and data control information, facilitating the analysis of the current situation of the beneficiary and the baby as well as their psychosocial, academic and healthcare follow-up”