If you are wondering what business process management is you have come to the right article. In this guide, you will find out what it is, how business process management works and what the benefits are for your company.

Business Process Management Benefits

Before delving into the business process management benefits, it is important to answer the question, what is business process management? A business management discipline incorporates business practices with technology in order to improve management.

How does business process management work? One of the main objectives of this discipline is continuous business improvement. To achieve this, it encompasses both processes and historical information for correct decision-making.

It is important to emphasize that business process management should not be confused with the mere use of BPM software. To finish understanding what business process management is, we must be clear about the following: it is the union of a series of practices with process automation software.

Benefits of Business Process Management

Today, countless companies are working with BPM practices. At this point, we already have an idea of what BPM is. However, what are the benefits of BPM? Here are the details.

Eliminate duplicate tasks

You no longer have to worry about duplicate tasks in your company. One of the main benefits of BPM is that it allows you to attend to tasks with precision. Not only does it eliminate duplicate tasks, it also automates them.

Increases efficiency 

Another benefit of BPM is increased efficiency. Even the most common process errors are minimized when good management practices are executed. This reduces waiting time, human intervention and can even avoid rework.

Ensures compliance with rules

When you know what BPM is and apply it to your company, that is when we can ensure full compliance.

Ensures process compliance

BPM ensures compliance with business processes. It also improves the service level through incident escalation or status tracking, for example.

Allows you to change the way you work

By managing business processes, it is possible to change or modify the way of working. In this process, we can reduce the impact of these changes, improving and optimizing the way of working.

Key difference of BPM

At this point we already know what business process management is. However, what is the difference with BPM process? Let us look at it below.

First, what is BPM process? It is a holistic business management discipline. It integrates other similar disciplines, techniques, practices and various technologies in order to be executed.

Another key aspect to understand what the BPM process is to understand how it works. It focuses on achieving an improvement in the organization through various business processes in accordance with the main strategy.

Both the strategy and the processes involved are dynamic in nature. Therefore, it is necessary to have agility, planning and care to face changes in the environment.

On the other hand, for management to be successful, all processes must be supported by people, technologies, methods and, of course, strategy.

Now that you know what BPM is, it is time to make a difference in the operation of your company. Don’t know how to start? At Heinsohn Corp, we have different solutions and tools that will facilitate your company’s processes. Contact us and we will elaborate a plan adapted to your company.

What is BPM process?

If despite having read this entire article, you still do not understand what BPM process is, I will explain it again.  It is a technology that is revolutionizing the way people manage their companies. 

The mission of BPM is to manage, monitor, control, measure and improve a company’s processes.  It does not matter if it is an automated or non-automated business. This technology aims to achieve the proposed results.

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