The human being lives every day of experiences, both at a real and digital level. It is rare that a product is not made to meet the  needs of customers. It is important to differentiate the UX and UI. To begin with,  UX refers to the  user experience and usability of the website,   the UI to the creation of the interface that can be created with HTLM, CSS or  Javascript language,  involving topics such as typography, colors and images. This is where the designer of both UX and UI must know how to impact.

Skills of a UX designer

The UX designer must understand the user’s browsing needs, thus creating the best user experience, as we see in apps like Netflix and Spotify to name a few. Here the designer must have listening skills to give the website the business tone to the brand.

Types of UX roles

UX Designer

Depending on the size of the team, it’s important for someone to start researching the brand, doing interviews, surveys, and conducting analytics reports.

 UX Writer

He is in charge of defining and establishing communication with the user,  understanding their language, managing the tone of communication,  and implementing the different communication strategies.

Service design

It is in charge of improving the existingservices, making them more effective and to the client’s liking. Your service includes processes,  infrastructure,  processes, and interactions.

TYPES of UI roles

Visual Designer

The visual Designer  works on each of the views of a product, making sure that it is attractive to the user, focuses on the design, color, structure, typography, hierarchy, graphic icons, visual effects and images that allow you to make a visual proposal. Some examples of this work are Moodboards, hi-fi prototypes, and design patterns.

Interaction  Designer

You must understand how users interact with a product, that is, take into account what happens when a user clicks on a button on the page and what effects to place when this happens. Some of the most common jobs are interaction wireframes  and interactive prototypes.

Content Strategist

They are responsible for defending and understanding the language and vocabulary of the client, that is, they must make the product speak for the customer and also create a communication strategy.  These works are reflected in the voice guide and tone of the product.

Advantages of using UI and UX design together

Generation of high value for the public 

By using both, you can find great profits on your website. By having a nice and dynamic interface, and a knowledge about your personal buyer you can generate much more value for your audience

High possibility of retaining and enchanting users

The time users stay on your website is the best indicator to retain them and generate even greater traffic.

Brand strengthening

Brands that care about the experience that customers have in their digital channels achieve the strengthening of the relationship with users. In the digital world, everything is shared both joyful experiences and frustrations.

Increased conversions

At the end of it all, nothing is more important than digital conversion into a digital strategy. That is why many companies invest in digital marketing, in addition to striving to improve the interface, it is also important to invest in a fascinating user experience.

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