The enormous competition and the constant demands of users require you to apply good techniques. It is necessary, for example, that you have the necessary amount of human talent to succeed in your project. What is IT staff augmentation? This strategy will favor you if you want to expand your team.

It consists of adding suitable professional people who bring improvements and great skills to your business or specific plans. This method of outsourcing also involves analyzing the staff already hired to then determine which area needs to be reinforced. There are IT staff augmentation companies, such as Heinsohn Corp, where we can help you with this service.

When staff augmentation is for me?

First, you should evaluate whether your company really needs to apply this model. You need this strategy if you want IT team augmentation. They can be engineers, programmers, technology developers or any professional you need to cover specific areas.

It is ideal when the existing staff is working on a project and you need to strengthen certain weaknesses. That is, it works to complement with people who add other skills and intelligence. It also helps you in case you need talented, experienced and skilled professionals fast.

Because you want them immediately, it is often difficult to get qualified personnel. That’s when this strategy will work for you because the goal is to hire the right people for you. It is perfect for adding professionals from other areas, beyond the region where your company is located.

Benefits of staff augmentation

What is IT staff augmentation? You should know that it is a powerful technique. It lowers full-time hiring costs. It helps you to: Get the right staff for hard-to-fill positions, manage your human resources better, and drive a project forward. Other benefits are:

Improve work flow

The purpose of this model is to add talent to help your regular workers. One benefit of such a strategy is that existing staff and the professionals you will add can complement each other. In this way, they will improve workflow, share knowledge and integrate. 


Another advantage this model offers you is that you will have flexibility when hiring. This means that you can increase or reduce the number of personnel according to your needs, requirements and stage of the project. You will have professionals in different areas that you can substitute.

Suitable for different types of projects

It is a good option for different types of projects you need. They can be large, medium or small business plans. It is also a feasible solution regardless of the time you have set for yourself. You will achieve good results if you plan correctly.

Guarantees your own projects

It favors you in that you will obtain your own projects, original and of great quality. The work performed by the newly hired personnel will belong to your company. What does this mean? That you will have the intellectual property rights. Then you can apply it and do whatever you want with it.

Maximize productivity

By using the staff augmentation method, you will maximize productivity within your organization. The talent you hire and the existing talent can develop one or several projects at a time. This will help you better serve the needs of many clients and meet expectations.

BPM key difference

BPM is another strategy used to study, explore and enhance your business processes. It uses different tasks in order to review the attitude of a group, diverse data and strengthen your business model. Mix technology, automation and measurement to achieve effective results in your company. Also, define the functionality of your organization.

On the other hand, staff augmentation refers to the recruitment of qualified human talent. Verify which are the most competent for your company. It allows you to outsource professionals for a defined period, which can be hours, days or months. Both are important, you can apply the one that suits you.

If you want good IT services, Heinsohn Corp is the ideal option. We provide you with a complete service that will help you get the speed, flexibility and certified professionals you need. We offer customized solutions for all types of projects. Contact us anytime with any questions or concerns you may have.

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